Scoria Studios Shadowrun

Two By Two (Part I)

The Shadowrunners are hired to kill another Shadowrun group which is wreaking havoc on Ares. The other Shadowrun group works for Cross Applied Technologies. The 5 members are:
-The Psychologist – A mage specializing in illusions
-The Blacksmith – A rigger who has a great interest in the medieval eras
-The Changling – An expert infiltrator, who uses disguises, slight of hand and a large amount of cyberware
-The Inside Man – A professional face
-The Captain – A street samurai, who the main strategist and brute force in the group.

The 1st mission is to attack the Blacksmith and the Psychologist at their safehouse. James Shafer, Mr. Smile, Sly Stepper and Burn Meister lead the attack while FastTalk and Doorknob handle information control to prevent the remaining targets from learning of their deaths.



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