Scoria Studios Shadowrun

A First Run

This first run was from the Shadowrun Companion guide.

Fruit Run

This mission is from the book “Predators and Prey”

A Run for Their Money

Stealing cold hard cash from an armoured truck.

Pew Pew Pew! (Stealing Laser)

Stealing a new experimental laser from Ares Technologies. It turns out that the Johnson (Douglas), is another researcher there attempting to sabotage their progress.

Mr. Smile is tortured and captured, hilarity ensues.


The Johnson planning the laser heist (Douglas), demands that the runners clean up the mess they made stealing the laser. Several agents attack the runners at their homes. The Shadowrunners decide to hunt down Douglas, and make the last minute decision to ransom him to the head of security in the Ares complex, Zimmerman.

Zimmerman’s right hand man, Julia verifies the identity of Douglas and kills him.

Reading Between the Lines

A researcher (David Schroyer) held captive by Ares has sent out hidden information to his brother, Alan Schroyer, who works in an organized crime group. Several methods of hidden information have been used coordinate attacks to attempt to free him.

The Shadowrunners were hired to sabatoge any other attacks, kill Alan Schroyer and find any letters sent to/from David Schroyer.

Two By Two (Part I)

The Shadowrunners are hired to kill another Shadowrun group which is wreaking havoc on Ares. The other Shadowrun group works for Cross Applied Technologies. The 5 members are:
-The Psychologist – A mage specializing in illusions
-The Blacksmith – A rigger who has a great interest in the medieval eras
-The Changling – An expert infiltrator, who uses disguises, slight of hand and a large amount of cyberware
-The Inside Man – A professional face
-The Captain – A street samurai, who the main strategist and brute force in the group.

The 1st mission is to attack the Blacksmith and the Psychologist at their safehouse. James Shafer, Mr. Smile, Sly Stepper and Burn Meister lead the attack while FastTalk and Doorknob handle information control to prevent the remaining targets from learning of their deaths.

Two By Two (Part II)

The Shadowrunners (minus James Shafer due to injury) hunt down the remaining targets. Julia’s other men handle the collection of The Inside Man, while the Shadowrunners are tasked with killing the Captain and capturing the Changling.


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